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The Gemrize Experience

Crafting Personalised Jewelry

The market for personalised jewelry has been hijacked by brands and e-tailers offering a unique engraving or allowing you to configure your wedding bands to have a certain width and gold tone. However, these are such overarching parameters which are bound to be modified on a client by client basis and are a bare minimum of choice that any vow taking couple deserves. But do these really constitute customised jewellery.

Bespoke jewelry means starting from a clean slate and then building an idea around non-confined parameters while allowing for changes and re-calibration along the way. The Gemrize experience whether it is for custom wedding bands of unique engagement rings and tailor made bracelets means you drive the starting point and subsequent steps of the process. Should this be starting with a gem and then designing the jewel around it, or telling us about your love story or relationship to a person and have us build in features of that to your bespoke jewelry.

Custom wedding bands shouldn’t be designed using a set of finite lists allowing you to choose gold texture, tone, band curvature, etc. But instead should start with how did you two meet, what are your birthstones and what is unique about your love story. At Gemrize we cherish the opportunity to make truly customised jewellery so that no two jewels are the same.

Crafting customised jewellery requires specialized skills, tools, knowledge, equipment, and techniques- and because we have the above ingredients, we can offer the finest jewelry craftsmanship to make your jewelry desires a unique reality. Contact us now to start your personalised jewelry adventure.