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A Growing Trend: Buying Jewelry for Oneself

A Growing Trend Buying Jewelry for Oneself

Historically and traditionally, jewellery was only seen as a gift. Jewellery was gifted, received, won, exchanged, etc. between two parties. In some situations it was almost taboo to have to buy oneself jewellery or a sign of not being from a particular class in society.

It is the 21st century, and times have changed - a lot; Jewellery is now very much in the realm of something you treat yourself to and surprisingly among both men and women.

It has evolved well beyond women having some input or even designing their engagement rings to women designing and paying for their entire jewelry collection to piece by piece match their wardrobe which is also entirely self-financed.

While for men, they no longer are waiting to receive a gold watch after 30 years of service at the same firm, and going out there and acquiring signet rings and cufflinks to underline landmark achievements in their family life or careers.

Over the last decade, there has been a steady growth in the number of self-purchasers of fine jewelry. In fact unknowingly, they have managed to create a niche demographic for themselves that tells us a few things:

    1. They value their financial independence
    2. They know what they want.
    3. They don’t want/need anyone to “buy” it for them.

At Gemrize we want to make your purchase one that you will remember and treasure forever. Whether you choose to create a bespoke piece of jewelry or get something ready to wear from our collection, there are a number of reasons to treat yourself.

First job/new job/promotion

You’ve put in the hours, the time, the effort and now here you are. Looking for the perfect piece of jewelry to celebrate your hard work and remind you regularly that you are worth it? You need something you can wear every day, all day.

Gemrize suggests: Go for a pair of everyday earrings. Choose from Diamond or Gemstone Studs and even add a removable halo which can elevate your earrings when you need them for your work days which turn to professional nights out. A piece of personalised jewelry such as birthstone earrings are a great conversation starter as well as being unique.


Monumental achievements are meant to be celebrated and remembered. Graduations are about transition, moving ahead and taking bold steps towards a brighter future. Whether you’ve graduated from university, graduate school or achieved a diploma, you’ve done it!

Gemrize suggests: Pendants are versatile and lovely. Choose from our range of simple and intricate pendants which can be customised to include coloured gemstones, diamonds and even be made in your favourite gold tone with an adjustable chain. Or altogether start with your favourite loose gemstone and work with us to design something around your educational journey as well as career ahead.


You’ve become a parent! Your bundle of joy has changed your world and forever changes your life. The birth of your children will always hold a special place in your heart and this could be easily translated into a piece of jewelry that can be valued forever. Push presents show you care and are grateful – which you are of course! And why wait for your partner to buy one for you, a push present for wife is something men are happy to give, but we ask all the moms “what do you want to give yourself to mark your bringing life into this world?”

Gemrize suggests: Charm bracelets are a great way to continually celebrate your child and their achievements. Start with an initial and keep adding personalised charms as they grow and celebrate milestones in their life. A piece of jewelry you can wear and hand down sets a charm builder bracelet apart from all the other bracelets for women out there. Our charm bracelets come with charms with lobster clasps which means you can add them just as easily as take them off and give them away or even just add and remove charms depending on how busy you want your wrist to look on that occasion.


There is no rule that says you need to buy jewelry on monumental birthdays. You can celebrate your 40th or 48th birthday with a piece of jewelry to remind you to care, love and treat yourself regularly. Your greatest relationship is with yourself, wear jewelry to remember that.

Gemrize suggests: We believe everyone needs a ring that represents them and one that when they look at, makes them feel happy. Whether you choose a cocktail ring, birthstone ring, a simple eternity band or a diamond solitaire ring, they all promise to make you feel giddy. Our loose gemstone range allows for much customisation and unique gemstone rings are a great ode to oneself. Custom made jewelry is a great way to weave your life story into a jewel as you build your own ring to remind you of the triumphs in one’s life.


More and more we see people looking for ways to celebrate their families. Men and women want to create and belong to a multi-generational family tree and dare we say dynasty of reputable relatives. Heirloom pieces are a unique way to immortalize the family name and heritage.

Gemrize suggests: You can really be creative here. For the men we say, Signet rings allow you to create an insignia which represents your family. Not all jewelry needs to be a fashion statement and Signet rings transcend the world of fad focused accessories as a timeless recognisable brand representing one’s kin. While for women, engagement rings, tennis bracelets and wedding bands are always a lovely inheritance and hold immense sentimental value. Being able to say, “this bridal set has been in my family for 6 generations”, makes something priceless but of course it has to start somewhere.

Which is why we love to work with clients to make bespoke cocktail rings, personalised engagement rings, tailor made wedding bands, custom made bracelets, unique pendants, and so much more knowing these will one day be passed on and on and each time bearing witness to another individuals unique journey through life.

There are abundant reasons to buy yourself a piece of jewelry. And while the above are just a few, you may want to buy something because, you just feel like! Do that.

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