Amazing gemstones you need in your jewelry collection

Amazing gemstones you need in your jewelry collection

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”…….

….and wearing jewelry to embellish one’s natural beauty has been happening for eons. Not only worn by women, jewelry has been synonymous with civilization and as societies grew more complex, so did the industry behind jewelry and its crafting techniques.

However, nothing has galvanised the increasing intricacy of jewelry over the times than the discovery of new gems at various points and locales throughout history.

Even today some cultures turn a blind eye to gems another culture has prized for centuries. And with the discovery of fine gemstones in one place starts the spinning of gemstones into folklore and myth and as these stories spread so does the stock for that gemstone inflate in other states.

Then as sub cultures merged and cultures interacted with one another they passed on their taste for specific sought after gemstones and jewelry styles to one another. The meeting of civilisations and globalisation has lead to gems being in demand far and well beyond their traditional consumer markets and as the world has grown more connected this phenomenon has accelerated.

Europe’s crown jewels feature gemstones available from their former colonies and on the other side of the planet, silk road traders would transfer what was sought after in one part of their trade routes in the hope that it would be desirable elsewhere. Stones like Jade found promise only in Greater China, while gemstones such as Diamonds made it all the way from mines in India to sabres in Europe as well as flourishing markets along the way.

Nonetheless as with any other collectible, jewelry and gemstones in general also go through product maturity cycles. Already places like China and India where demand for Diamonds and more specifically white diamonds has been insatiable has seen increasing interest in Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires. While markets where white diamonds have reached a saturation point with demand and supply in equilibrium such as USA, consumer spending has shifted to alternative Diamond colors and unique cuts beyond the round.

Emerald pricing is truly reflective of the rapid increase in demand with prices for auction quality gems breaking records at every subsequent bidding event.

We at Gemrize have a shortlist of Gemstones which would make any jewelry collection a wholesome one.

And while not an all-encompassing list – it is one which is balanced for range of colors, availability and timelessness.


Part of the Beryl family and mined in places such as Colombia and India they have featured throughout history.

Available in Green with hints of yellow and the more sought after blue hues, Emeralds are a king of Gems. They are striking and have been collected throughout time to feature in brooches as well as Crown Jewels.

Increasing in price, we recommend adding even the smallest one to your collection based on budget and wearing it in yellow or white gold with a few accent diamonds either in a pendant or ring.

And if those originating in Colombia prove to be too dear, Zambian and Ethiopian Emeralds offer a value access to Natural Emeralds.

Apart from being the May Birthstone it is also an ideal option to celebrate a landmark event.


Rubies are a classic gem and make up the traditional trio of King of Gems along with Emeralds and Sapphires and most folks are familiar with it and its characteristic Red Color.

What most people will not know however, is truly clean Rubies which exhibit a striking Red with no other hue are very rare. Easy to find Raspberry Red or Pinkish Red Rubies are available for more affordable jewelry collections but an intensely deep red and the sought after Pigeon’s Blood Ruby which is truly clean and not heated (a common and acceptable treatment among Rubies) will certainly demand prices comparable to those of the best diamonds and other fine gemstones.

Moreover, with the more rare Rubies coming from mining deposits in Burma which in recent times has had various export issues linked to political and economic sanctions has meant the supply is not always stable.

Nonetheless, deposits in Africa have been yielding larger stones in decently attractive colors and qualities giving access to a wider consumer base that is smitten with the Red Gem but has been priced out of the market by the more rare Burmese origin specimens. As a result we have had interest from clients asking us to design bespoke cocktail rings with sizeable Rubies as the centre stone.

Added to this demand from China and other Far East markets spurred by Red being associated with luck has meant the new deposits have come at an opportune time to meet this demand. Rubies are the first or second gem many Chinese will own along with Diamonds or plain gold jewelry.


Sapphires have always been in fashion however, when asked what color a Sapphire is most people will say Blue and those which are a little more in the know might say Royal Blue or Cornflower Blue more specifically. With Diana Rings or now more famously Kate Middleton’s engagement ring imprinting the idea of Sapphires being Deep Blue further in the mass market psyche it is no wonder people are falling in love with this gem all over again as they realise it occurs in a rainbow of colors.

Pink Sapphires are electrifying and moody as their intensity appears different throughout different times of the day.

Teal Sapphires are attractive for those looking for a counter culture gemstone that makes people do a double take as they try to figure out how a gemstone can exhibit bits of violet, blue and green like a peacocks tail feathers do.

Added to this a richly Yellow Diamond like brilliance in fine quality Yellow Sapphires means they are sometimes used in engagement rings.

Morever, you have rainbow sapphire rings or ombre sapphire bracelets which encapture the entire range of sapphire colors in a single jewel or even the variety of shades of a single color of Sapphire.

We at Gemrize have customised rings using Blue Sapphires, redesigned vintage brooches using Yellow Sapphires, tailor made exclusive Tutti Frutti rings in an ode to Pink Sapphires and many more. Sapphires are a favourite of our designers and a must have gemstone in one color if not more for any jewelry collection.


The very stone is known for its ability to change color when viewed under different light sources. The stone is known for being an emerald by day and ruby by night. The transformation quality of the stone makes it a versatile stone to have in your jewelry collection. You can choose to go for a delicate alexandrite necklace that compliments your personality and style. The beauty and benefit of this stone is such that it can match a wardrobe of any style and chameleons with any outfit.

As an extremely rare gem it is the most expensive gemstone carat for carat compared to stones which are perceived to be rarer. Added to this limited deposits around the world with the fact that Alexandrite which doesn’t change color isn’t really in demand leaving a large swathe of what is mined selling at cheaper prices meaning those crystals which are clean, color changing and sizeable have to make up for the expense to finance mining operations. This often leads to mines needing to breakeven on the few top quality gems they yield and the way to do so is to demand a high price which many around the world are still happy to pay to have that illusive color change effect in its full glory.

Throughout a gem connoisseurs life they might handle diamonds upwards of 20 carats and sapphires upwards of 40 carats but many will not get anywhere near a fully clean color changing Alexandrite that weights even 5 carats.

Despite this, with our experience and extensive inventory of Alexandrite in all sizes from 2mm and up we have found that cluster setting many smaller but quality Alexandrite has a more impactful color change effect while not driving up costing. In this case the sum of the parts really is greater. We have custom designed pave set Alexandrite disco ball rings and cluster set flower earrings that were breath taking yet affordable. Alexandrite is a gemstone that will lift any jewelry collection and impress anyone in the know.


Diamonds are synonymous with love and all the different forms of it. Love for oneself is just as important as women become increasingly independent financially and men start to accessorise with diamond jewelry they treat themselves to.

Moreover, Diamonds as an heirloom carries so much meaning. Often we see people value a 0.3 carat Diamond they inherited with old cutting and poor setting just as much as a brand new top tier 6 or 7 figure watch they bought an year ago.

My mother’s engagement ring, my fathers diamond studded cufflinks, my grandmother’s diamond wedding band and many more are jewels that start a jewelry collection or become part of one until of course they are passed onto become someone else’s.

No Jewelry collection is complete without a Diamond Ring, Solitaire pendant or pair of studs if not all of the above.

Always in fashion and always something to give to someone when the time is right, Diamonds are also most likely to go from one individual’s collection to the next.

Your Jewelry Collection

Every jewelry collection is unique and tells a tale and we at Gemrize welcome clients to feature aspects of their own individuality and work with us to design something truly unique to them. Featuring the above gemstones in something that is tailor made for you is an opportunity we cherish. Whether that means setting a single larger Emerald for bigger budgets to make a statement cocktail ring or setting smaller Alexandrite with Diamonds in a half set eternity wedding band for more everyday affordable wearing we can and have crafted it all.

After all what might start off as a piece of jewelry designed by you for yourself or a loved one will be worn by someone else for generations to come. Or in other words, your jewelry collection isn’t always going to be your jewelry collection.

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