Custom Made Jewelry

Here’s Why You Should Opt for Customised Jewelry… Always!

Why Custom Made Jewelry

Just as Dr Seuss said, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” The same goes for your jewelry. In every scenario, choosing to create a piece of exclusive, unique jewelry should be your first choice. Here’s why.

It comes with a story.
From having the first conversation with your jewelry designer to viewing initial designs, CADs and making edits to the final piece, you are given a story to tell the recipient. Add to the mix that your story can also be incorporated into the design, enhances sentiment and emotion value to the piece of jewelry.

It is made for the wearer.
By definition, bespoke jewelry is one of a kind and essentially, you will never find an exact replica. This means it can be made to represent the wearer in its entirety. So whether the they prefer chunky and sassy or delicate and understated, all designs are made to ensure they are happy when they look at a piece of jewelry made exclusively for them.

It is actually affordable.
The unfortunate stigma associated with custom made jewelry is the price point. However, the beauty of customised jewelry is that you are able to approach your jeweler with budgets and ideas, and watch them work their magic. You will find that designs and jewelers are able to work together to create a piece of wearable art within your price range.

Quality is assured.
Compared to ready to wear jewelry, there is a lot more quality control when making a custom made piece. Each component of your jewelry is carefully selected to ensure quality and the perfect end product. There is a certain amount of time and expertise involved in the making of a handmade piece of jewelry, but it is always worth the wait!

Adding to Your Collection.
Once you go custom made, you will never go back. This is something we have heard our customers tell us time and time again. Our loyal clients often return to build collections – from diamond engagement rings, comes diamond studs, solitaire pendants, tennis bracelets and so on.

Bespoke Bridal Jewelry is all the Rage!
Modern couples are opting for custom made bridal jewelry simply because they want specific concepts or designs that they cannot find at jewelry shops. A professional jeweler will be able to take your vision, choices, likes and dislikes and turn it into a reality.

Whether you are an avid jewelry collector or you wear pieces that were handed down, jewelry is a part of everyday existence for most people. Customised jewelry allows for a sense of freedom in design and creation, which means you can bring inspirations of all kinds and watch them merge into one entity. Your input is vital and this means you are a part of the entire process – something that could never happen with ready to wear.
Take advantage of our experience and knowledge. Contact us now to get started on your custom made jewelry journey.

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