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How to Care for Your Fine Jewelry

How to Care for Your Fine Jewelry

Your jewelry was meant to sparkle and stand out which means they all need a little extra love every now and again – especially those precious ones which hold sentiment and memories.

From your daily favourites – solitaire earrings and tennis bracelets – to your exclusive pieces – engagement rings and Emerald necklaces – saved for special occasions, they all need to be cleaned and maintained in order to ensure longevity and shine. Debris, dust and daily grime are prime suspects of dull and dirty jewelry – keep these at bay, and your jewelry promises to stay stunning forever.

Here are some top tips to help keep your jewelry pretty and clean.

Keep ‘em Dry & Clean

It’s easy to toss your jewelry on your nightstand, but this is probably why you see your favourite Diamond ring losing its luster. Instead spend a few minutes wrapping your jewelry pieces separately in a soft tissue before placing in a fabric lined jewelry box (preferably with dividers). This will not only protect your jewelry, but also keep them from getting scratched and tangled.
Top Tip: It’s super easy to clean your jewelry at home – all you need is some warm water, mild dish soap and a soft brush. Be gentle!

Keep Chemicals at Bay

Unfortunately when your favourite perfumes and moisturizers come in contact with your Ruby pendant, it is damaging it. The chemicals in these products interferes with the gold, which is susceptible to discoloration.

Top Tip: put your jewelry on last when getting dressed and take it off first before putting on your night creams.

Regular Check Ups

Your jewelry is precious; we suggest regularly checking to ensure clasps are secure, Diamonds or Gemstones aren’t moving or missing and there are no scratches. If you are concerned about any of the above or anything else, it is always a good idea to take it to your jeweler for a quick check up.

Top Tip: While you’re at the jeweler, you can always ask them to do a quick clean up of your jewel in their Ultra Sonic machine.

Skip the Jewelry…Sometimes

This is hard for us to say, but sometimes, it is better to leave your jewelry at home to avoid damage and maintain sparkle. We tell our clients to avoid wearing any jewelry during sleep, visits to the salon, exercising and swimming, at the beach, cleaning the house and suntanning.

Top Tip: When you’re out and about, is a great time to clean and let your jewelry dry so they’re ready for when you need to wear them next.

Keep Them Protected

There is value, sentiment and beauty in all jewelry which means they need to be kept safe and sound. We do suggest all jewelry is kept in a locked drawer or safe which will ensure they are only accessible to you. Additionally, for your extra precious pieces such as Grandma’s tennis bracelet, we recommend jewelry insurance. This gives you protection from accidents and knowing that your investment is extra secure.

Top Tip: Talk to us about how we work with insurance companies for lost or damaged pieces to recreate your jewelry from your pay-out.  

And there you have it – some quick, easy and effective ways to keep your jewelry sparkly and ready to wear at all times!

Our jewelry experts are able to talk you through this and much more. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge.

Contact us now to get started on your custom made jewelry journey.

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