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Jewelry Must Haves for that timeless collection

The saying “Don’t learn to run before you can walk,” provides a good guiding principal in the realm of fine jewelry as well.

While having an infinite budget to collect fine jewelry for every occasion is a dream, it is a luxury available to a select few. However, our guide to Jewelry Must Haves details our advice for clients looking to start their jewelry collection in the right order to ensure they get the best value for their purchases.

“Learning to walk” in other words means starting with jewelry staples that will go with any outfit and can be worn to any occasion or for daily wear.

Too often we have clients who have “tried to run” into building their bespoke jewelry collection and found they have spent vast sums of money on items they might wear 4 times a year while overlooking something they need to go with their work attire every day.

Diamond Studs

Diamonds Studs are the ideal first piece of jewelry. Whether it is parents looking to present their graduating daughter with a congratulatory jewel, something to give the woman you love or in most cases a gift to oneself they are an absolute must have.

Diamond studs have no association with marital status and regardless of size or price tag exude elegance. 

What’s more? With our Removable Jackets, the very same pair of simple studs turn into a glamorous pair of ear huggers that will hold their own at any formal event. Truly Versatile Jewelry by Gemrize.

Wear them as Diamond Studs only, from Monday to Friday and then for any last minute invites to Black Tie Events requiring a bit more bling factor, just thread the posts through the jackets and in seconds see your office earrings turn into Red Carpet Rockets.

With regards to the 4 Cs of Diamond Buying, we recommend focusing on color and as long as the diamonds are eye clean compromise on clarity to the level you are comfortable with. And then reverse solving the budget equation to get you the biggest carat weight in your intended allocation. Rest assured if they are not that big, we have many clients that own 2 or 3 sizes of studs that they have collected over time as their finances allowed or as they climbed the career ladder. This then leaves the smaller pairs for daily wear and their bigger higher priced ones for special events.

And keep in mind Diamond studs are likely to be 2 perfectly matched diamonds which means there is always legacy repurposing in mind to straddle both sides of a quality Diamond or Gem in a Three stone Ring. Especially for those smaller studs you no longer wear ever since you upgraded to a bigger pair for daily wear.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Be it a White, Yellow or Rose Gold Tennis Bracelet, this piece of jewelry goes stunningly with western attire as well as ethnic chic.

Traditionally Asian brides have worn Twin Diamond Bangles or Gold Cuffs and these are often bought by parents or in laws as part of the trousseau. These days however, we have seen numerous brides opting for a diamond tennis bracelet instead. Likely to be cheaper yet look richer, these bracelets will be wearable even after the wedding festivities have subsided.

And when it comes to Tennis Bracelets we find less is more. Bracelets with each diamond being smaller or spaced out to not be too over the top can be put on and left on. To bang the point home, think about how big a diamond you are willing to wear while actually playing tennis.

We have seen some of our customers purchase tennis bracelets with 0.5 or even 1 carat Diamonds for each link. And to do so they might have collected diamonds over months or years and then eventually have us string them together. What we do find however, is that the larger diamond weight tennis bracelets while being gorgeous, make it out of the safe 12 times a year whereas the smaller 3 to 5 carat total weight bracelets pair up perfectly with that power dress to the office day in and day out. And so these same clients are right back in our office and buying a smaller diamond tennis bracelet still for more frequent wearing and sharing with a sister, mom or daughter.

Birthstone Jewelry

We all have a Birthstone and for some of us that becomes our signature gem over a lifetime. And what’s more as your family grows you can go about collecting all of the individual member’s birthstones to embody your loved ones.

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But first, your own birthstone! We hear clients tell us similar stories of their small intricate October Birthstone Tourmaline Pendant getting noticed more than their 3 carat Engagement Ring. Or another client tells us of the “oohs and aahs” they get when her band featuring her and her husband’s June and April birthstones Alexandrite and Diamond respectively changes color under different lighting while their much larger and mass market branded Cartier and Tiffany jewelry gets glossed over.

And of course it helps if you genuinely fall in love with your birthstone because then we have clients born in September for example start with a cute little custom made Pink Sapphire pendant given to them when they graduate university. And then they buy themselves when they land their first job a pair of Yellow Sapphire and Diamond studs. After which on their wedding day, their husband and in laws give them a Royal Blue Sapphire Right Hand Ring to serve as their Something Blue.

But just imagine the stories this client will tell when her jewelry is discussed and how she can detail the tale behind each birthstone jewel and what iconic time in her life it marked.

The same goes for a Green Garnet Ring someone born in January buys themselves on their 21st birthday to start their year off with a bit of a bang. Or a strikingly large accessory ring with the very affordable February Gem – Amethyst or March Stone – Aquamarine featured at its heart.

And of course Diamonds are a symbol of love, but when April babies make a bespoke Diamond Cocktail Ring to gift to themselves, then it oozes independence and a sense of power over your own destiny and finally the ideal hand me down when the time is right. Personalised Diamond Jewelry will often fetch more compliments than a whoppingly large Solitiare Engagement Ring.

Then for those that are finding their gemstones swing back in fashion as consumer education identifies how rare Emeralds for those born in May and Rubies for those in July really are then the current trends are gorgeous. A simple Emerald Centre Stone Flanked by two twin Diamonds is an impactful collectible, while a Ruby Ring with a Victorian Diamond Halo to serve as a custom made gemstone ring is a mainstay for those looking to add a bit of color to their bread and butter jewelry suite.

What’s more as the trend for non-diamond engagement rings grows, at Gemrize we love the opportunity to incorporate the bride to be’s birthstone in a unique gemstone engagement ring or even both partners’ gems in a his and hers set of wedding bands.

For those further along in their marriages and who might be starting a family, birthstone push presents are one of our best sellers. Having a clear idea of the due date, allows for our male clients to work with us to design and customise birthstone jewelry that will feature the new arrivals very own gem of the month. More unique birthstone jewelry sees the new arrival receive the gift of both parents gems along with their own either in a tri stone ring, petal pendant or identity bracelet, A piece of jewelry which has an epic story which will be told at all the many occasions it will attract double takes and repeated stares.

And no one needs to break the bank – this is after all our advice for a jewelry collection starter kit. So even the smallest August birthstone Peridot set in a bezel set casing in white gold and worn fused to a chain will be affordable but something you can match with almost anything. While those born in November will find Imperial Topaz Earrings are very nice to wear on a daily basis as the electrifying sunshine trapped in them will never lose their glam and if they are small enough will always be tasteful.

December born clients can work with a Tanzanite cut into a Trillion to make a custom made pendant which slides along an invisible chain. Or a pair of Octagon matching Tanzanite Gems encircled with a double halo of Diamonds for the days they need their violet gems to match a blue or purple outfit. Then of course a large Oval or Cushion Tanzanite Gem that is over the top and set high in a tailor made gemstone right hand ring puts the perfect full stop to the handful of gems any girl needs. This will be worn when you are in the mood to peacock and your other bread and butter items need a little help in the glam department.

At Gemrize we welcome those of you who want to embark on starting your jewelry collection or simply plug gaps in it to take our quiz and work with us to see how we can make your jewelry desires come true.

We invite you to browse our website which is loaded with our creations and can provide much inspiration. When you have an idea, contact us and let’s get started on your bespoke jewelry collection.

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