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Jewelry Trends During Covid

Lockdowns, more disposable income, a need to self-reward and spirit lifting retail therapy has had a profound impact on the jewelry industry during this pandemic.

What has Gemrize seen in the last two years in the spending habits and jewelry trends from our interactions with countless happy clients?

Women are back to building their jewelry collections. Holidays were costly and a sense of guilt after returning from one meant that stud that you had lost which needed replacing, or the tennis bracelet you know goes with all your outfits took a backseat.

Not during Covid though!

Categorically filling gaps in the bread and butter items that make up any versatile jewelry collection has meant, eternity bands, solitaire pendants, diamond studs, tennis bracelets, birthstone rings have been some of our most popular sellers.

The flip side has also seen that with more time and disposable income clients who might already have their standard jewelry collectibles in order are finally finding the time to design something truly unique and from scratch. Starting with a gemstone that they always wanted, our bespoke jewelry inquiries are up more than 10 fold.

Custom made gemstone rings are some of our most popular commission projects while we have also seen an uptick in clients look to make initial pendants as well as unique diamond wedding bands.

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What has also been interesting to see is the double barrel engagement ring and wedding band bridal sets being purchased at the same time. At least 20% of our clients in 2021 who purchase custom made engagement rings from us decided to purchase the matching band at the same time or within 4 weeks of the engagement ring. With large weddings or destination dos being next to impossible, many couples deferred the wedding and started their marriages hence needing both rings and in fact all 3 rings in one go – the bespoke engagement ring, her unique wedding band and his custom made wedding band.
And with weddings no matter how small being called off or put on hold with couples opting to just sign for now the further resulting savings of throwing a party has meant couples are willing to divert those funds towards bigger budget diamond or gemstone engagement rings.

Amusingly for us was the multifold increase in men’s jewelry and accessories that we encountered showed that the pandemic had also helped boost a segment of the jewelry industry which had plateaued in the last few years.

And while it is counter intuitive to think with Zoom meetings not requiring everyone to be dressed in business attire there wouldn’t really be a need for cufflinks, diamond studded tie clips and other accessories. But once again as the pandemic resulted in everyone doing a bit of soul searching, somewhere this resulted in our clients finding the time to appreciate that fine jewelry is the tangible collectible they can wear to make themselves feel better and also to reflect the culmination of their hard work and successful careers.
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One such client told us she had given up on expecting the world to open up again and was making bespoke sapphire earrings to wear at home and then one day pass on to the next generation but she was happy to do so because “it is the gift she should have given herself a long time ago”.

With masks hiding our facial expressions from strangers and friends alike whether conscious or sub-conscious, resulted in a marked increase in orders for chandelier earrings and larger more flamboyant stud style earrings.
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Maybe to turn heads and encourage eye contact, something as social animals most humans crave, larger earrings that rock back and forth in the case of drop earrings or sparkle and scintillate in the case of studs have made many of our clients extremely happy to own during Covid.

Smaller trends have included clients come in with rings they have inherited and now want to design custom made matching earrings for. And of course with limited travel and more money some of our clients have finally had the time to bring in old jewelry to repurpose and redesign into current and modern jewelry that they hope to wear when the world opens up again.

Whether you want to start building your jewelry collection during the pandemic or restart your fine jewelry journey and add fresh elements to your jewelry suite, we at Gemrize are here to help. And what we are all sure of is this will all be behind us and your jewelry collection will be richer for the experience and even more fun to wear out to what will once again be a more connected world.
Take our Gemrize quiz now and get started with your bespoke jewelry journey or shop our products to get your hands on our fine jewelry or even seek inspiration for custom made jewelry we can’t wait to make for you.

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