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LGBTQ Jewelry Trends – Create With Us!

At Gemrize, we celebrate love, and this means whether you identify as gay, lesbian, transgender, straight or anywhere in between, we create a welcoming experience for all.

We believe in moving away from stereotypes

Our custom-made service means we can create symbolic designs and every option offered by us is non-conforming and gender fluid. We can make traditional fine jewelry work for you with our unique designs that promises to fit your style.

What’s on offer

If you’re looking to start or add to your treasure trove of fine jewelry, we’ve got you covered. There’s something for everyone to choose from and customise at every step of the way.

Gemstone Earrings

We love these Black Diamond Square Cluster Studs! They are stylish, counterculture and cutting edge without being tacky. Buy them as is or with the similar White Diamond Square Clusters Studs and mix and match them as well as share them with a loved one.
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Engagement Rings

Whether you decide to choose a traditional Diamond or go alternative with a coloured gemstone, our designers are ready to create a bespoke engagement ring that represents your love story. We are masters at working with unique gemstones – a hot trend right now – and have created engagement rings with Morganite, Imperial Topaz and even Alexandrite! If you’re stuck and unsure, take our quiz which will give you a great idea on what we will look at when creating your custom-made ring.

What’s more our Wed Fit Engagement Rings mean you can have the wedding band sit snug with the engagement ring and you can decide who wears which one or who wears which one when. Isn’t that choice and versatility there?

Cocktail Rings

You can never go wrong with a funky, avant garde Cocktail Ring featuring a centerstone or even birthstone of your choice – it is timesless. But what we’re loving right now is our Tutti Frutti Ring! A smorgasbord of different shapes, colours and sizes of Sapphires randomly set across a wide band further dotted with Diamonds means no two rings will ever be the same.

Rainbow Jewelry

While we do believe in venturing away from the conventional, we do love our selection of Rainbow Jewelry. From Eternity Bands to a variety of Pendants featuring all your favourite colours and hues, our Rainbow Jewelry is pretty and perfect if you’re looking for something that works with all get-ups all day, every day!
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Express yourself

But we are more than the above. Our expert artisans can take all your ideas to curate and create designs exclusively that suits all budgets, styles and personalities.

Custom made wedding bands also allow you to more specifically represent your unique love story and we want you to drive the process as only you know what role you and your partner play in your beautiful union. Engagement rings and who wears them is not something anyone has to conform to anymore. Going for two engagement rings is something we welcome you to explore when you design your own engagement rings with us.

We are just thrilled with the opportunity to break the shackles and explore the world of opportunities to design jewelry inspired by and for the LGBTQ+ community.

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