All fine jewelry starts with Loose Gemstones or Diamonds.

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Choosing that Rock

We know purchasing Diamonds or Gemstones can be scary. This is why our experts will work for you to find exactly what you want – Diamond or Gemstone, Big or Bigger – we are able to locate from our stock or source externally and help you procure and set your desired Diamond
or Gemstones.

Choosing that Rock

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Loose Gemstone Landing

How To Choose A Center Stone

We know how daunting it can be when purchasing a diamond or gemstone, especially one that has this much value and importance.

Leave it to us to do all the research, while you focus on design aspects of your bespoke jewelry

So how do we find the perfect feature stone for you?

We Chat

We Chat

During our one on one consultation, we will discuss what aspects of your centre or feature stone are most important to you. Cut? Color? Clarity? Carat?

Leave It With Us

Leave It With Us

Our diamond and gemstone experts will check our extensive inventory or coordinate with suppliers to find you options to choose form.

As a mine to market vertically integrated company we are bound to have the gems you desire.

Your Review

Your Review

We will send over main or feature stone choices with our recommendations for your consideration.

Final Details

Final Details

Once you make your final choice, whether it is a centre stone or a few feature stones we will confirm it with you. Then you have a choice to hand it over to our artisans for expert setting in your bespoke jewelry or have the Diamonds or Gemstones sent to you by insured shipping for your safekeeping.

How To Choose A Center Stone

Our simple pricing scenario formulae takes away all the queasiness that comes with talking about budgets. All you have to do is evaluate what scenario fits you best and let us know; we will do the rest.



Upper end of your center stone specifications, but smaller in size.



Beautiful to the naked eye with some compromise, but bigger in size.



Lower end of your center stone specifications, but big in size.

Our Partnership Guarantee : we guide you through the process to ensure you choose the perfect center stone

Consider This

The Center Stone

The Center Stone

Diamond or Gemstone

Accent Stones

Accent Stones

How much additional sparkle do you want?

Metal Tone

Metal Tone

18K Yellow, White or Rose Gold or even two or multi tone as well as Platinum

Design Intricacy

Design Intricacy

All our jewelry is hand finished and depending on how complex your final design is, costs and production time may vary


Absolutely. We have been in the diamond industry for over 4 generations and we have also always been diamond and gem wholesalers.

We have an active diamond manufacturing, wholesaling and export department which is entirely involved in only sales of loose certified and uncertified diamonds ranging from 0.005 carats per piece all the way up to +10.00 carat sized diamonds.

We have an extensive inventory in our Hong Kong office as well as large stocks in Bombay and Antwerp which are available for viewing by appointment. Several sellers of diamond jewelry online will likely be white labelling our stock.

We are currently also directly linked with actively producing Imperial Topaz, Emerald and Alexandrite mines in Brazil and have a sourcing office for Colombian emeralds in Bogota. Additionally we have members of our team attending auctions directly at Ruby and Sapphire mines for the acquisition of rough gems in places such as Burma, Sri Lanka and Madagascar among others.

As a result we have one of the largest inventories for the above stones in Asia Pacific and supply to several traders and wholesalers in the region who sell on to jewelry manufacturing plants across the globe. Retailers of Gemstone jewelry online will often forward their sourcing requirements to our wholesale department.

We welcome your inquiries into our stock and are happy to sell just the gemstones you require.

Absolutely. We often have collectors come to us after receiving their salary bonuses to purchase a collectible gemstone without even knowing what they want to do with it.

Or we find some engagement ring clients who know they will propose in a few months time and want to lock in a specific Diamond or Gemstone now which they know might not be available later.

Often these clients will keep the Diamond or Gemstone with us as our offices are insured and we have the necessary security measures in place to house high value fine gems and jewelry. This will normally be the case if clients are looking to purchase a loose diamond or gemstone now and have it set in a bespoke design within 6 months. We will under most circumstances only allow clients to keep their purchased loose diamonds or gemstones with us for a period of 6 months or 180 days before we will ask them to arrange to pick up the item from us or confirm a shipping address for us to send the item to.

Meanwhile, while we are housing their fine gems we can start and finish the design process around these gems as well as determine what additional costs are associated with their bespoke jewelry projects, covering items such as accent gems, precious metal, labor, etc. Once any additional costs are confirmed and settled then we will arrange for their custom made jewelry purchases to be crafted and shipped to them.

Separately we have clients who have been gifted loose diamonds or gemstones purchased from us by loved ones many months or years ago and handed to them to work with us to design something to their unique tastes.

In these circumstances we welcome the loose diamonds or gemstones to be shipped back to us while we design and craft them into bespoke jewelry.

Prior to this however, we will undertake the following procedures.

We will cross verify the loose diamonds or gemstones originally purchased from us are indeed the same gemstones.

Additionally we will confirm that the original purchaser has transferred ownership or decision making power pertaining to the use of the loose diamonds or gems to a new point of contact after which we will be more than happy to work with the new point of contact to design their tailor made jewelry with the loose gems purchased from us, regardless of when they were purchased from us.

For Diamonds and Gemstones of significant size and value they will certainly be certified by an independent internationally recognized bonafide laboratory. We will also provide the original certificates in hard copy format for items purchased from us.

Examples of these labs for Diamonds will include GIA, IGI and HRD while for Gemstones they will include, GRS, SSEF, Gubelin, C.D., ICA, AIG as well as GIA and IGI among others.

Certifying Diamonds and Gemstones has costs associated with it and the only reason some of our Diamonds and Gemstones will not be certified is not for any other reason than the cost to certify would get added to the overall cost of the gemstone. This would amount to a sizeable percentage on top of the gems original value. Therefore, on smaller precious stones e.g. Diamonds and Alexandrite the total cost of the stone still might not be worth the cost to certify while on bigger inexpensive colored stones e.g. Morganite, it might not be financially feasible to provide certificates for gemstones even as big as 20 carats.

However, this does not mean we do not conduct our internal testing and assortment for Diamonds and Gemstones. Our in-house gem experts will check and grade all stones to an even stricter standard than industry accepted parameters and quality controls.

Moreover, our finished jewelry whether it is bespoke commissions or fine jewelry from our stock as well as loose gemstone invoices will detail specifications of Diamonds and Gemstones involved e.g. size, pieces, carat weights, shapes, colors, as well as where possible and known to reasonable certainty the origin of Diamonds and Gemstones sold by us.

Despite this if clients want to get a certificate for a Diamond, Gemstone or Finished Jewelry that may not already have one, for a small fee equivalent to the costs associated with certifying these items, we will be happy to assist with this. Please note this might add to production time and the time taken before we can ship your item to you.

At Gemrize our pedigree is in the mining, manufacturing and wholesaling of loose diamonds and gemstones. And this is something we have been involved in on a multi-generational basis over several decades and centuries.

As a mine to market supplier of key gemstones, we see first-hand the conditions that gem specimens are extracted.

And while the key condition for retail buyers is that Diamonds and Gemstones are not sourced from parties involved in funding conflict we are aware of so many other practices which also need to be focused on.

With regards to conflict gemstones, this is something we take very seriously and have an endless list of checks and balances in place from dealing only with bonafide counterparties that have track records as old our own e.g. 70 years or more that are members of industry bodies that abide by strict business practices to maintain memberships that are beneficial to their business.

Apart from conflict gems we are also aware of the environmental impact of mining and extraction and we have visited several mines both scheduled and unscheduled to check that the best environmental practices are being adopted. Then for some deposits the necessary legacy policies are also in place to ensure there is a minimal footprint during mining and none post mining.

Labour laws both mandatory local ones and adopted international ones also means the individuals involved in manual labour and higher up the vertical integration chains are all compensated for their vital role in what is a vibrant industry for high value items. In addition to this, safety measures need to be in place so that the extraction of gemstones is conducted with the least amount of hazard to one’s life.

Often overlooked, the role of gems in unscrupulous financial practices means there is also a loss of due reserves to governments around the world for which the side effect is also social welfare and general public spending.

In terms of our financial operations and accounting standards we are conducting our day to day operations with best business practices in mind.

In summary, the Fine Diamond, Gemstone and Jewelry industry is a beautiful one in all sense of the word. There are numerous entities involved that are ethical and truthful as they genuinely look to nurture an all-inclusive vibrant industry be it due compensation for individuals at all levels of production to providing reasonable access to allow for all aspiring purchasers to fulfil their desires of owning quality gems and jewelry today or in the future. Gemrize is one of those industry players and we love to see how we can make your Diamond, Gem and Jewelry desires come true while abiding by ethical business practices.

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