Our Conflict Free Diamonds

The Diamond Industry has come under increased scrutiny in recent years and with the help of Hollywood and Celebrities, some terrible news associated with the trade has come to the fore.

However, this increased scrutiny is welcome at a time when companies involved in a variety of ways with the jewelry industry need to meet the new global standards of business ethics and best practices.

These range from making sure commodities such as Diamonds which are mined are done so in a way so that local communities get their fair share of returns and can uplift their quality of life. Cutting and polishing Diamonds where they are mined is one such way African countries among other Diamond sources are making sure the old model of extract and export to one country are behind us. Instead Extract locally, employ domestically and then Export Globally is the new norm.

At Gemrize, we quite simply do not compromise on business ethics in pursuit of the bottom line. We are working closely with Diamond Rough Traders to make sure communities associated with Diamond extraction along the entire production line benefit – from mine to mine as they say.

As concern for our environment becomes more pressing, it is safe to say even more so Diamond Industry Players need to respond to the market’s demand for a truly sustainable industry so as not to tarnish the sparkle the gems purport to exhibit in the first place.

We make sure environmental impact studies are done, critical analysis of the best means to extract Diamond Rough is undertaken and thorough vetting of which Industry members we work with us done.

Ensuring clean supply of Diamonds both in rough and cut and polished form regardless of carat weight ranging from 0.003 carats to 30 carats is paramount at a time where people shift their purchases to the online marketplace and often buy without being able to see and check the goods beforehand.

This means, we also test using industry recommended technology and in accordance with market grading standards our Diamonds. Our goodwill means we have a name to maintain and therefore prefer to use bonafide laboratories which have been none for weeding out scams or diamonds which were not represented authentically.

We strive wholeheartedly to make sure our customers come back for more and recommend us to friends and family. To ensure this, our dedicated GIA educated gemologist is a member of many diamonds, gemstone and fine jewelry federations whose members are engaged in upholding ethical practices and best business standards.

With this in mind it is vital we do our level best to make sure we do not overlook anything our clients might do and uphold the trust people put in us.

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