Our History

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Our History


We at Gemrize Limited pride ourselves in providing the finest quality diamonds, gems and jewelry at affordable prices.


With our experience in the field spanning more than 4 generations, we have built up a vast know-how, network and reach in the industry.


This extensive history means acquiring diamonds and precious gems directly from mines in Brazil, India, Africa, Russia and other emerging mineral sources. Our direct acquisition strategy means that we know that the conditions in which the gemstones are extracted are in accordance with best business and ethical practices of the industry.


Having access to a wide array of gemstones and diamonds means we can just as easily produce bespoke brooches, pendants, rings, earrings and more, as we can produce items for daily wear, such as engagement rings and tennis bracelets.


Our clients know what they want and we are always happy to work with our clients’ unique ideas so that they know they are wearing something truly custom made.


Keeping abreast of fashion and trends means we are also in tune with how and when clients tastes change. This allows us to respond with truly unique and “en vogue” jewels which are “all the rage”.


And while some clients maybe looking to get something a la mode, we also stock collectibles that are timeless and always relevant. Classic Studs, Tennis Bracelets, Eternity Bands among others will get worn regularly and then – what we love to see – hopefully even passed on. Knowing what will stand the test of time in terms of design aesthetics and structural integrity is a skill we have honed and incorporated in the jewels many happy Gemrize clients have received.


Equally importantly, our background as gem and diamond wholesalers means we can make jewelry so that no one is priced out of the market and there is something for all budgets.

Often our clients come to us after being intimidated by other jewelry brands and custom made jewelers because there is a certain expectation of minimum spending layered over with unnecessary pomp.

We don’t judge our clients, our clients judge us.