Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy


Acquiring fine jewelry, diamonds and gems is a meaningful decision as very often even the smallest jewelry that enters a family becomes part of a dynasty. All cultures feature heirlooms and with the durability of our jewelry it is almost certain that many generations will receive, gift and of course wear our exquisite gems.


Our Jewelry is designed to tell a story and reflect a period of time in the life of the person acquiring it.

We have seen clients buy something from our existing Design Suite of Jewels and then as they grow into their jewelry collections come back to us, to design a matching piece to wear or to give to someone to build on their initial gift. This is always an exciting challenge for us.


Alternatively, we have clients approach us as clean slates with no idea of what they want to give or just knowing which of our gemstones they want to be the central feature of their intended creation. Then from this we develop something personal to their wishes but always keep the option of adding to their tailor made piece something from our existing collection. Therefore, they can couple their tailor made pieces with our ready to wear jewels to make sets that speak volumes but don’t necessarily cost as much.


Gemrize Limited has touched the lives of many people who industry wide may be referred to as customers, but we prefer to know them as friends.


We strongly believe in maintaining a personal relationship with our friends and knowing what they have bought from us. This facilitates the expansion of their jewelry collection, avoiding overlaps in design while also making sure any new items complement existing craftwork. With this in mind we can perfectly build up a suite of jewels before they will be passed onto the future.

Join us now on this journey towards building your Dynasty’s jewels.