Payment, Returns & Exchange

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our ultimate goal is to ensure you have a final piece of jewelry that is simply perfect. What this means for you is that we will ensure we get it right and If you are not completely satisfied at the time your jewelry is delivered or picked-up, let us know on the spot and we will work with you to get it right.

**Please note that while we are geared to ensure the final product is exactly what you envisioned, charges may be incurred if upgrades are requested.

Return Policy

We are committed to ensuring all our fine jewelry around the world is being worn with love and pride. We have a strict ‘goods once sold are not returnable’ policy, but as mentioned, if you are not 100% satisfied with your jewelry, speak to us about getting it right.

Cancellation Policy

Circumstances and situations may change for you which may require you to cancel your order. If this is ever the case, please do let us know so we can work to ensure you are refunded. We will need to charge a 15% cancellation fee to cover costs we have incurred such as sketches, renderings, CAD design work and in some cases sourcing diamonds and gemstones.

Diamond Price Matching

We ensure our prices are competitive and any savings on to you. However, if at any time you find a diamond just like yours available at a better price, email us the GIA number and we will match the price.

Ring Resizing

If you feel your ring doesn’t quite fit you well anymore, have a chat with us about options for resizing your ring.

Please note: some rings cannot be resized while others may require a complete remake which may incur additional charges.

Lifetime Service & Support

There’s a reason Gemrize has clients from all over the world who swear by us. We have a great team who make the Gemrize Experience all it is made out to be. Our service to you even after your jewelry has been delivered means we are convinced you will love your jewel so much; we want it to be perfect all the time.

All fine jewelry made by Gemrize comes with lifetime service.

As a part of regular maintenance, we recommend you to get your ring serviced with us regularly to ensure its longevity, safety and sparkle. This includes:

  • Cleaning and polishing: if you find your ring feels a bit dirty or is losing its shine, it may require a quick dip in our supersonic cleaning machine
  • Diamonds or Gemstones falling out: while we cannot replace any diamonds or gemstones that fall out free of charge, we are able to make the repair at a cost (usually nominal)
  • Prong repair: If a prong looks bent out or has come out completely, our artisans can quickly repair this for you for a nominal fee

There may be differences between the final product and CAD renderings that are presented to you during our initial conversations. This is common and expected with handmade jewelry.

Our team of experts are available to you all the time to ensure all your questions and queries are taken care of.


All our center stones come with a certificate (where applicable).

Diamonds and gemstones with certificates: For diamonds and gemstones sold with certificates, you will be given a certificate by the issuing body (i.e., GIA, IGI, etc). This usually includes details such as origin, grade, etc.

Diamonds and gemstones without certificates: We are able to provide an in-house certificate which includes the type of center stone (i.e., diamond, sapphire, emerald) and other information we are able to gather. It will not include grading details.