Our extensive understanding of loose gemstones is where it all began. All our gemstones are handpicked with utmost care and go through a rigorous selection method after which, they receive the Gemrize stamp of approval. Our extensive array includes: sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and alexandrite in a variety of cuts, weights and budgets.

Rubies: Popular and highly coveted, Rubies are well known for their varying shades of red depending on its origin. A great alternative to expensive diamonds, rubies express love and affection.

Emeralds: Cleopatra’s favourite gemstone and exuberating royalty, emeralds are said to be fit for a queen. While the most desirable emeralds are vivid green, they are available in various hues.

Sapphires: Available in different cuts, weights and of course, colours, Sapphire are perfect to set in your avant-garde, risqué pieces of jewelry which are looking for an extra oomph. Mix and match or add shiny diamonds when setting to uplift any setting.

Alexandrite: Alexandrite – the rarest gemstone in the world and often fetching higher prices per carat than even Diamonds, this color changing stone under man made and natural light is not commonly found in jewelry. Authentic Gemrize houses the largest stock of Alexandrite online in a number of cuts and sizes.

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