The Return of the Non-Diamond Engagement Ring

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Everyone is aware of the famous phrase – “Diamonds are Forever” coined by DeBeers decades ago. And they certainly are but what isn’t necessarily forever is the concept of the Diamond Engagement Ring.

While the word Engagement Ring without specifying the gemstone involved by default is assumed to be a Diamond Engagement Ring the concept is a relatively new one and after almost a century as the standard gem of choice has run it’s course.

Royal historians will tell you that the coming together of powerful courts has often involved marriage and the rings exchanged to marry together two houses rarely had diamonds. In fact Diamonds were often gifted in others forms of jewelry e.g. pendants or used in Crown Jewels for other occasions while Engagement Rings were set with feature gemstones iconic of the time or symbol of conquest over a new colonial outpost.

Even in modern times Prince Charles Sapphire Engagement Ring to Lady Diana provides a famous example of a non-diamond engagement ring while his son presented Kate Middleton with the very same Blue Sapphire Ring for his proposal, starting a tradition.

And not just royals, but Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s January 2022 engagement has people talking about Emerald Engagement Rings
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Again a gemstone that has traditionally been used widely as promisary rings for marriage and are coming back in fashion with a bang as people become aware of the equally scarce supply of rough emeralds compared to diamonds, giving this gem a sense of exclusivity.

Diamonds still feature in the above examples of non-diamond Engagement Rings but tend to do so only as accents in halos encompassing a colored centre gem, to stud a band or to flank both sides of a feature Gemstone to give the ring an overall sense of legitimacy and detail.

Why a non-diamond engagement ring?

While always going to be a symbol of undying love, Diamonds are a rare gemstone but still widely available. Even a large 10 carat Diamond Ring might not turn heads in a place like Hong Kong or New York. At the same time a Trillion Cut Ruby of even 3 carats encircled with a double halo of diamond accents will have girlfriends grabbing at the bride-to-be’s hand asking for more details.

Engagement Ring clientele are now discovering that an engagement ring doesn’t need to be a diamond to be beautiful. We at Gemrize have seen an uptick in requests for Alexandrite, Morganite, Aquamarine and even Pearl Engagement Rings. Market education into the world of gemstones has alerted jewelry buyers to how unique and rare some gemstones can be and those that are not scarce might exhibit characteristics that are equally impressive regardless of how easily available they might be. Color changing garnet, bi-color tourmalines, cat’s eye sapphires are very unique phenomenon in gemstones that are just miraculous and breath-taking, synonymous to what your better half makes you feel every time you see her. And a ring that embodies that is special isn’t it?

What’s more, all the possible permutations of wearing a Round Brilliant Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

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are spread across the internet and people have become numb to another Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring featuring your standard Centre Diamond Flanked with matching side diamonds. This has resulted in clients increasingly looking to differentiate themselves through Gemstone Engagement Rings that are fresh and different to look at.

Those that keep a keen eye and like looking at whether women are wearing a ring on their left hand ring finger will do a double take if instead of a White Princess Cut Diamond Ring they see a Vivid Red Ruby or Cool Blue Aquamarine Engagement Ring. Questions will follow and hours will be spent discussing how cool and Unique your Engagement Ring really is and why a Pear Shape Aquamarine and not an Oval one or why a Pink Sapphire and not a Blue one.

Being so familiar with Bespoke Engagement Rings, we at Gemrize also find that clients understand that while Diamond Engagement Rings might be tailor made for them, they might still look like something off the shelf unless they don’t go for a revolutionary design which often for timelessness they don’t. As we say, your Engagement Ring will age with you and what might look good on you in your twenties might not be so appealing in your senior years.

However, with Customised Gemstone Engagement Rings even those set in Classic Designs we produce, clients tell us that their peers instantly ask them “when and where they got it made” or did they get the gemstone first and then think of the design later signalling again that it was a Custom Made Engagement Ring.

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Featuring Colored Gemstones in an Engagement Ring is a sure shot way to own a Unique Engagement Ring. Opening up a universe of possibilities and resulting in a One Of A Kind Ring that will turn heads, be a talking point and have so much of a couple’s unique love story intertwined into a meaningful jewel.

Some gemstones may also cost less than diamonds and as a result, can be a great way to get value without compromising on optical impact. As an example in a similar budget that might allow a couple to acquire a 1 carat Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring, another couple might be able to walk away with a 3 Carat Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring with a Double Diamond Halo and Semi Eternity Studded Band.

Even though Diamonds are the Birthstone for April, there are 11 other months your fiancée might be born in and having someone’s Birthstone Engagement Ring or even more so both your Birthstones in a Twin Stone Engagement Ring speaks volumes and represents you and your other half coming together in a single jewel mimicking the institution of marriage.

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What are some options other than diamonds?

Known as the Kings of Gems or the Holy Trinity of the jewelry world, Rubies, Sapphires or Emeralds - in no particular order - are once again the defacto choice for those looking away from Diamond Engagement Rings.

At Gemrize we have had informed clients asking us about gem durability as well, given Gemstone Engagement Rings will be worn just like Diamond Engagement Rings – Everyday!

And as such we have clients also work with us to create unique designs to protect softer gemstones such as Kunzite while asking us to fuse two tone gold shanks and crowns to hold gemstones which change color such as Alexandrite.

Our experience as Bespoke Jewellers to the world has meant we have created Engagement Rings which are exclusive and impossible to recreate given a rare gem features in the heart of it and in a specific shape which is further embellished with hidden messages about the couple’s love story integrated into the design.

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Gemrize is over the moon with the surge in requests for non-Diamond Engagement Rings and can’t wait to work with you to create your very own. Take our Quiz now and tell us more and let’s get creating!.

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