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The Ultimate User Guide to getting Timeless Jewelry

Jewelry holds immense significance in our lives. It’s not just an accessory- it is a promise to forever, a present to oneself for our successes, it embodies love and other positive emotions and is a token of affection when gifted. While each piece of jewelry is momentous, getting the most out of an exquisite collection is done by investing in timeless staples.

Whether it is getting an elegant piece to suit your work attire or something that can be passed down to your family for generations. A versatile jewelry collection goes a long way and does justice to the financial outlay behind it.

Read ahead to get our top picks for must have pieces of fine jewelry that will be the gifts that keep on giving and allow for multiple generations to gain a life time of wearing.

Tennis Bracelets

A watch on one hand and a piece of jewelry for the other wrist is such a well-rounded look. And when it comes to picking from the multitude of items out there, what is more functional, fantastic, formal and fun than a Tennis Bracelet – nothing of course!

With the right size of diamonds and to accommodate any budget, the classic tennis bracelet goes from Day to Night seamlessly be it at the Monday morning board meeting or the Friday evening sundowners. Not needing to worry about what fashion trends will emerge this spring or what jewelry will become fashionable, pair up your tennis bracelet with your grand-aunt’s inherited antique gemstone ring, or set it up with your funky zig zag jumbo Diamond hoops, the tennis bracelet will complement anything you can think of.

Eternity Ring

Much like a tennis bracelet, An Eternity Ring is another timeless staple you NEED in your collection. If you are concerned about what design you should get we say collect a handful and wear them on a variety of fingers. Inexpensive but just as dazzling, an Eternity Ring  is a game changer.    

Get your custom ring designed with the stone of your choice and boom, you have a piece to flaunt in your next social gathering. Wear it as a defacto Wedding Band for those that are married, or for the single women who want to dress up those fingers, stack them in a variety of gold tones, studded with a range of gemstones in a whole bunch of cuts and head out to a boozy brunch with the girlfriends.

Diamond or Gemstone Studs

What’s the most classic way to embrace elegance and decorate your ears? Pick your favorite stone and get custom matching jackets along with it.

A staple piece like this goes a long way and with the option of removable jackets at Gemrize essentially giving you two earrings wrapped in one price tag, wear the solitaire studs from Monday to Friday and slip on the Jackets when you want to bring the bling.

With our removable jackets it also means every year you need only collect the central gemstone stud and pair it up with the removable Diamond Halos and presto you have a multi gemstone with diamond studded earring collection to give your wardrobe depth & your box of accessories range.

Fine Jewelry Pendants

A dash of sparkle radiating from the center of your neck, ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamonds and more – a pendant is the most versatile item from your jewelry collection.

Pair a fancy stone pendant with matching earrings or a sparkling cocktail ring. If you want to go heavy on the bling, throw on a few more neck pieces and there you go.

Cocktail Ring

A Right Hand Cocktail Ring or Statement Left Hand Ring is the one item every jewelry collection deserves. Engagement Rings are beautiful and carry so much meaning however, conventions and functional limitations means you can’t always let your creativity run riot.

Cocktail Rings however are the perfect way for you to start with a clean slate and think about how you want to manifest your personal style, your individual favorites and your very own design inspirations into a piece of art you can wear. Feature your Birthstone, feature his birthstone, heck feature both your birthstones. Angle a stone in a non-conventional way, set it in multi tone ring, embellish the shank, accent the band, halo the centre stone and so much more. And when heads turn because your Cocktail Ring is like no other, have the story why you chose that stone and set it in that triple halo flower petal design, with those vine like embellishments and delicate filigree basket ready and explain why it means so much to you. And as the complements rush in, you will fall in love with that piece of individuality all over again and what’s more, when the time is right to pass it on to the next generation, have them carry your flame on all the while breathing another lifetime of joy and memories into your beautifully bespoke ring.

Gemrize hosts a varied collection of jewelry of your choice. Design your custom jewel by answering a few questions or visit the Gemrize Shop.

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