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Things You Should Know About Custom Wedding Rings

"If it is to tie two souls in an eternal bond and promise,
let it be a symbol of what your love truly stands for."

Wedding rings are not just any jewel; they are an affirmation of a lifelong journey ahead with your soulmate. There's a bespoke wedding ring out there waiting to be crafted featuring elements of your soulmate’s desires and your unique love story. No off-the-shelf ring can do justice and tell the tale of your union.

Moreover the false sense of customisation clients have become accustomed to pertaining to being able to select just the gold tone or diamond shape are being torn down with real details being discussed at the drawing board. Custom made jewelry at Gemrize means we want to know how many accents we can set to equal the months or years you dated for example, as well as use his birthstone for those accents to encompass the centre gemstone which will be your birthstone symbolising a perpetual embrace.

Band Widths. Embellishments, Gemstone palette, Metal Tone, Multi Toning or Mono Toning, Twin Side Stones and so many more aspects are important to us to make a truly one of a kind ring for you. And while it sounds like there is so much to think about, Gemrize’s skilled Design Consultants will guide you through all of them but indicate to you which details are more important and need to be focused on while which can be decided in moments.

Designing your custom wedding ring is a memorable journey and here are a few things you should know about it.

Good Things Take Time

Custom made jewelry is crafted with utmost detailing, keeping your requirements in mind.
From brainstorming, designing, and 3D visualization to delivery, the process is truly personalized and can take up to 3-6 weeks and you wouldn't want to ruin it just because you didn't start early. However, we know things can get preponed and we welcome shorter deadlines and if possible can satisfy expedited orders without compromising on design and delivery.

Get Inspired, Not Carried Away

Staying unfazed by trending jewelry ideas is not possible. However, knowing what you want is quite feasible. Do your research, know your partner's taste and get clarity on what you want in your wedding bands.

Try not to limit yourself to trending designs and metals. It's absolutely wonderful to want something very different. And what may be in fashion today may not be en vogue tomorrow or when you are 60. We find putting together timeless design features into your tailor made engagement ring will help create a beautiful gift that keeps on giving even decades into the future and of course be liked by the generation which may inherit your beautifully crafted jewel.

Give the Job to a Specialist

You simply cannot go to any random jeweler for your custom made wedding ring. Your customization needs can only be met by a specialist.

It's important that your jeweler shares your vision and understands your requirements.

You can confidently start your customization journey with Gemrize. With a happy base of thousands of customers all over the world and deep rooted expertise in the industry, we specialize in custom wedding ring designs.

Be Avant-Garde

What does it take to be experimental? Creativity, vision, and knowledge. Get acquainted with your partner's taste, different gemstones and metals.

No matter if your favorite gemstone is an ethically sourced diamond or a repurposed inherited sapphire, emerald, ruby or other gem. If you can envisage your custom setting, we at Gemrize can help actualise that desired jewel while balancing for structural integrity and aesthetics.

Step Out and Try Rings

No, we aren't asking you to go unoriginal. For getting clarity on smaller yet important details, it's not a bad idea to go out and try rings at your local jewelry showrooms.

Trying different rings will give you a fair idea of which width of the band will suit you, what metal color will compliment your skin tone and what weight will be ideal.

Make it Memorable

Getting your wedding ring customized is a journey in itself. Enjoying this once-in-a-lifetime experience is important.

The creative satisfaction, wedding jitters, and sense of accomplishment; all meshes into a beautiful experience. If you feel stressed at any given point, shift your focus and re-center.

Final Words

These small yet profound details will guide you through the customization process. By keeping these simple points in mind, you can make informed decisions regarding your custom wedding ring and can cherish it for a lifetime.

Gemrize helps you glide through the process and deliver a custom wedding ring that is nothing less than breathtaking. Being a specialist in custom made jewelry, we can assist you with your custom wedding ring dream in every way possible.

We remove the stress and ambiguities of creating a bespoke wedding ring. Every tiny detail of your wedding ring is well taken care of at Gemrize.

Start creating with Gemrize for a one-of-a-kind custom wedding ring.

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