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Tips for Buying a Custom Made Engagement Ring

Tips for Buying a Custom Made Engagement Ring

You feel it, this is forever, they are the one, which means it’s time to buy that one ring for your partner. When looking for something special and one of a kind, our suggestion is always to go the bespoke route. Afterall, shouldn’t your ring of love be as unique as your relationship?

But when it comes to choosing and purchasing the perfect engagement ring for your loved one, this can often prove to be a confusing and stressful process.

Here are some quick tips to streamline this otherwise mind boggling process.

1. The Early Bird

Ensure you leave plenty of time for the entire process. This is not one that can be completed if you are crunched for time – you’re looking at a few weeks to months before you can finally see the final product. Nonetheless we also appreciate things need to be moved forward sometimes and we love a landmark date in a couple’s relationship to pop the question – so if push comes to shove, work with Gemrize to see how things might be expedited.

2. Look for inspiration

Keep an eye out for images, photos and visual cues that can be incorporated into your design. We love it when clients come to us with plentiful images of rings they love or snaps of nature which our creative team are able to integrate into the design of a custom-made ring.

3. Find your jeweler aka Gemrize

We are experts in engagement rings and take time to understand your aesthetics and guide you through the entire process. We specialise in custom made jewelry and years of experience means we are able to fully grasp your requirements. A lot of our clients love browsing our engagement rings on social media and use them as a base to their creation.

4. Choose your feature stone

Don’t get bogged down by the details when it comes to choosing a center stone for your engagement ring. Our suggestion is to look at a variety of diamonds and gemstones before asking questions about certificates, cut, clarity, carat and colour. Leave those details to your trusty jeweler, Gemrize.

5. Choose your metal

Ask us for suggestions – some gemstones sparkle more with rose gold while others appear more vibrant in yellow gold. White Diamonds tend to look iconic in white gold, but we’ve seen some beautiful designs come to life with unique center stone and gold tone combinations.

6. Choose a setting

We can go into the details about bands and settings after we discuss the creative process. Our in house designers will come back to you with settings that are aesthetically pretty and safe based on your requirements of the design. Think about your partner’s style, taste and preferences. A good place to start is by taking the Gemrize “Get Creating” quiz which will show you an array of settings to choose from.

7. Let’s collaborate

Once all decisions have been made, it’s time to let the experts at Gemrize take over. During this time, Gemrize experts will create sketches and renderings to give you a better idea of what your ring will look like. It is at this time you can make changes and once you are satisfied, it’s time to let the workshop work their magic as they cast, set and polish to finally make your vision come true.

8. Think about wedding bands

A big tip is to choose your wedding bands simultaneously. Not only will you be able to see how your engagement ring fits with a wedding band, but the likelihood is that you will be able to get a better offer from us too!

9. When Ready, Propose!

Once the ring is ready we will send you visuals offering you a sneak peek and then dispatch your ring to you. Take time to look at your creation and talk to us about resizing, after service care and other bridal jewelry. And then, it’s time to ask the big question!

A custom made engagement ring doesn’t have to be an arduous experience. The tips above are designed to give you peace of mind and some understanding of what to look for when you start your journey. Gemrize has been helping remove the stress from the Engagement Ring Shopping experience for decades because it is after all a lovely, loving, love related gesture – and that is all that it should be.

Let’s get started!

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