2. Can I Purchase your jewelry from outside Hong Kong?

Yes you certainly can.

If it is one of our readymade designs then we are happy to ship our jewelry to a location of your choice as long as import requirements are met and no restrictions apply.

If it is a piece of jewelry you want custom made then we are happy to receive designs and provide you with a timeframe for completion of the item. Remember the more details, drawings, dimensions, etc. you provide us, the easier it will be for us to help bring your ideas to fruition. After the jewelry is made, we will be happy to take pictures of the piece from several angles and send you these pictures prior to shipping.

We ship using the most popular international couriers and can also do so using your account with the courier or for a fee we can ship on our account.

As an added measure, we purchase third party insurance which covers loss of shipments in transit. The price of this insurance will also appear on our invoices alongside freight and any duties or taxes if these are also incurred by us.

To find out more about ordering custom made jewelry from overseas, payment procedures and company policy relating to shipping jewelry, feel free to email us for further details.

We are well versed in shipping high end jewelry, diamonds and gemstones to all corners of the globe and this should not be a hindrance to your decision making. So go ahead and order those gems you desire and leave the logistics to us.

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