1. What are some ways in which we can clean and maintain jewelry pieces ourselves? 

Sometimes, diamonds, gems and jewelry items we have owned for a long time or wear on a daily basis pick up dirt, grease and grime.

However, there are some simple things we can do to maintain the “new” look of our jewelry or clean jewelry.

Some gems are amongst the hardest substances on earth. Most known to all is the hardness of diamonds which makes it ideal for cutting other gems as well as industrial uses such as on the tip of drill bits.

What this means is diamonds will scratch each other and other gems they come even in slightest contact with. There are many cases where people have packed their rings, pendants, etc. in to their jewelry travel bags and on the other end of the journey discovered emeralds, pearls, etc. have been chipped, scratched or even cracked and wondered what could have caused this. It is likely that during transit, diamonds collided with other gems and gold in other jewelry and as a result scratched them.

Therefore, it is important to put your jewelry pieces in separate compartments in travel bags or in separate polythene bags to ensure they do not come in contact with each other directly. Even individual earrings from a matching pair should ideally be kept separately. The same applies to keeping jewelry at home.

In our experience, the most common way you can clean your jewelry is use a warm soapy solution (not hot) and an old toothbrush with soft bristles. Use soft gentle strokes to clean the surface of your gems and take care not to dislodge any parts of more intricate pieces.

It is also best not to clean your jewelry over an unplugged sink.

After cleaning, don’t use a towel to dry. It is best to air dry the pieces so as not to risk dislodging anything while rubbing with a towel.

Finally, if you feel the piece is truly close to your heart and you want to leave it to the experts, then bring in your jewelry or ship it to us and we will have it cleaned using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. This machine vibrates a liquid at high frequency which dislodges any dirt and grime from the surface of most jewelry. This almost always brings the brand new look back to your jewelry.

For details – feel free to contact us.

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